What is the difference between an individual subscription and an education subscription?

If you are an individual at home, you can purchase a subscription directly online by going to ‘Subscribe Now!’ This gives you access to everything except for class activities designed for a teacher. It will allow you to log into two devices simultaneously. If you are a teacher, you can purchase an education subscription via the sales representative in your territory (follow the link on the homepage or on the ‘Subscribe Now!’ page): this will give you Teacher access and Student access. The cost of the subscription will depend on the number of simultaneous users you will require.

What is the difference between Teacher and Student access?

Teachers can access everything on the site, including a section of ‘With a teacher’ class activities and accompanying PDF resources, giving clear guidance on what to do. Students can access everything on screen, but no PDFs – so no resources or information sheets. Teachers are able to change the student password.

Do individual subscribers get access to PDFs?

Yes, individual subscribers can access information sheets for the activities available, but do not have access to the ‘With a teacher’ class activities.

How do I subscribe?

If you are an individual, go to ‘Subscribe Now!’ from the homepage or from ‘Gifts & Subscriptions’, fill in the subscription form, and pay online. If you are a teacher, go to ‘find out about education subscriptions’ from the homepage, or from the ‘Subscribe Now!’ page, and contact the sales representative in your territory.

Are subscriptions monthly or annual?

You can choose a monthly or an annual subscription when you go to ‘Subscribe Now!’

Can I trial the site?

Yes – you can get a free 7-day trial by clicking on ‘FREE TRIAL’ on the homepage. If you are a teacher, contact the sales representative in your country who can organise a free trial for your school that includes class activities.

Can I access everything on my phone?

Naxos MusicBox will work on any device, though we recommend using a tablet or computer in order to get the best out of it.

What kind of music is included?

The site specialises in western classical music and has a large section of music from around the world.

What are the minimum system requirements?

PCs and mobile devices:

Windows 7+
– IE 9.0 +
– Firefox: 65 +
– Chrome: 65 +

OS X 10.6+
– Safari: 12 +
– Firefox: 65 +
– Chrome: 65 +

iOS 10+
– Safari: Recent versions
– Chrome: Recent versions
– Firefox: Recent versions

Android 7.0+
– Default browser (‘Internet’): Recent versions
– Chrome: Recent versions
– Firefox: Recent versions

Who can answer further questions?

Please send any other enquiries to customer.service@naxos.com.